Into Action

“Into Action” is a bombastic orchestral cue recorded at Capitol Records this past June to mark the completion of Brittany’s Masters in Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago.

Berlin, 1941

“Berlin, 1941” is a dramatic and emotional orchestral work recorded at Capitol Records to mark the completion of Brittany’s Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago.

The Veil

“The Veil” is a re-score of
The Last Samurai,
used as academic practice demonstrating a romantic cue.

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Until Then

“Until Then” was composed to demonstrate romantic film scoring. Lush strings and melodic woodwinds make up this piece.

The New Hero

This track portrays the story of a heroic/adventure cue. The memorable melody represents an imaginary hero on his journey.

Meet Oblivion

“Meet Oblivion” represents an example of a sci-fi score by utilizing electronic elements and pulsing percussion.

Darkness and Demons

This track is a re-score of the opening title to Da Vinci’s Demons and was used as an academic practice demonstrating an ability to compose a strong television opening title.

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The Ballerina

“The Ballerina” plays off of Russian ballet as and develops from the main character’s tiny music box from Black Swan by utilizing a string ensemble, harp, and music box.

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Open Arctic

This cue was composed to demonstrate dramatic film scoring. Sweeping string writing and rich horns make up this piece.

Be Bold

“Be Bold” was inspired by many popular film scores today with deep low brass and driving strings. It is pulsing and is driven by a strong melodic line.

Jungle Feat

Ideas of pirates and open waters inspired this thematic orchestral cue.

Opening Title Example 1

Composed as an educational exercise, this composition was a practice for opening titles to a film.

Action Adventure

This cue was a fun experiment blending electronic beats with orchestral elements to create an action/adventure melodic piece.